dco's port for i860 - dco860 - has significantly accelerated every kind of numerical code. Many companies have discovered the benefits of dco860:

"dco860 is a useful tool with a unique approach to optimization that has demonstrated a significant speedup for specific sections of code."
Barry Isenstein, Senior Product Planner, Mercury Computer Systems, Inc.

"Speed ups in the range of 20 to 40% are typical."
Stephen S. Fried, President, Microway, Inc.

"Although (the) i860 is a powerful computing machine, utilizing it's capability is not easy. dco860 ported codes onto i860 with no effort and achieved up to 40% speed up."
Dr. Myoung An, Advanced Computing Group, Aware, Inc.

Here is an example of how much faster is dco860-generated code for three representative applications:

• Double precision LINPACK - I/O bound application.

FOURIER TRANSFORM for complex data - both numerically and I/O intense.

Single precision complex DOT-PRODUCT - numerically intense application.

All benchmarks are generated using Microway NDP Fortran and C compilers.

The dco860 approach to optimizing i860 code proved extremely useful optimizing code generated by every tested i860 compiler. The following figure demonstrates improvements to Fourier transform for complex data using three leading i860 compilers:

Portland Group, ver 2.1 38% improvement

MicroWay NDP, ver 4.1d 32% improvement

MetaWare, ver 2.4 35% improvement

Time in seconds for 10000 iterations.